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Mil gracias, Senor Contreras.

Carlos Zambrano shut the White Sox out for seven innings, but you kept the team in the game by only allowing the Cubs to score one run over that same span.

I think Ozzie Guillen acted prudently in taking Contreras out of the game after the 7th despite the fact that Contreras had thrown only 78 pitches. Contreras usually scares me on multiple occasions while he's pitching, and he can be a time bomb. Of course, the Cubs scored a couple of runs in the 8th anyway...

Timo Perez could not possibly have looked worse during his pinch-hit at bat. He saw three pitches, swung at all of them (the last of which was a breaking ball well inside and in the dirt), and sauntered back to his seat on the bench, which was still warm. Thanks so much, Timo.

Since a certain post about Jermaine Dye, Dye has gone 7-13 with two homers, hitting safely in four consecutive games. Dye's May numbers are beginning to look quite good. Not including his 1-1 performance today, Dye is now hitting .293/.349/.621 this month. He hasn't taken a walk in eleven days, though.

Brandon McCarthy will start his first career game as a major leaguer on Sunday against...Mark Prior. D'oh. The Sox could start Jon Garland, who has had four days of rest, but have chosen to go with the rookie instead. Why, I couldn't tell you. I guess they're ready to see what McCarthy can do. It's a difficult situation for McCarthy and I wish the Sox would bring him along a bit more slowly. I would like to see more young pitchers start in the bullpen for the big club, but that seems to be a rarity these days (unless the pitcher was a reliever in the minors, of course).

Anyway, good luck to B-Mac. He'll need it.