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Three plate appearances, one walk, one injury.

I didn't even have enough time to get excited about Big Frank's return before he injured himself again. He's officially day-to-day with this hip flexor thing, and while it's good that it isn't serious, the injury is mighty frustrating.

On Sunday, I saw Jermaine Dye take a walk, and it was awesome.

On Monday, I saw Timo Perez hit a game-winning single, and it was disturbing.

Timo's current Value Over Replacement (or value under replacement, as the case may be) stands at -4.1. And all for the low low price of three times the major league minimum.

In other news, Tampa Bay has called up Chad Orvella, a former NC State shortstop who has been lights out as a relief pitcher since becoming a professional (Orvella has consistently averaged better than 1 strikeout per inning pitched). I must admit that my interest in Chad goes beyond his affiliation with NC State--thanks to a head's up from B-Pro, I went ahead and drafted Chad in my fantasy baseball keeper league. Now he's in the show, and hopefully not merely for a cup of coffee.

If you can't do it for the D-Rays, Chad, do it for me. I need the relief pitching.