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Certain Draft-Related Items

The NFL Draft is never capable of matching the comedic potential of the NBA Draft, and it's not just because the NFL Draft telecast features Chris Berman. The inevitable head-scratching selections made by certain franchises ensure that the hoops draft will be entertaining. Unless you're a fan of one of those franchises, in which case you get that familiar "oh, great" feeling.

I have a secret. Despite this incident, I like Chris Paul. In fact, as far as this draft goes, I think there's Chris Paul and there's everybody else. So I was extremely disappointed to see that Paul didn't make it to the Bobcats at #5--not because I'm a Bobcats fan, but because I wouldn't wish the Hornets on anyone.

Charlotte reached a bit by taking Raymond Felton, but they addressed a need and boosted ticket sales. You could definitely argue their selection of Sean May later in the first, though I think May will be a good professional. This past season, May led the ACC in points-per-minute and rebounds-per-minute. He gets knocked for his height, but he is an excellent rebounder.

Julius Hodge ended up in Denver, and that's a pretty good situation for him. The Nuggets don't need a point guard--they have Andre Miller--so Julius can get acclimated to the league at 2-guard. People like to call Hodge "overrated" because of his jumper, forgetting that it's his production in a myriad of categories that makes him so good. He'll grab rebounds and dish out assists at good rates, and he'll also draw his fair share of fouls. Should he reclaim his excellent FT%, he'll be that much more valuable.

I found it interesting that Florida State's Von Wafer was drafted, especially in the first half of the second round. I guess the Lakers aren't concerned about acquiring guys who need a lot of work (this draft has certainly made it apparent that Jerry West isn't in LA anymore).

Someone should have taken a flyer on Jawad Williams.