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Freddy Daytime!

Nine innings and eight strikeouts for Freddy Garcia today, and he required only 96 pitches. Garcia has been pretty good this month, going at least 8 IP in three of five June starts.

He's put my early season concerns about his strikeout rate to rest: he had a 6.5 K/9IP in May and has a 7.1 K/9IP this month. With Freddy coming on strong in June, I'm feeling pretty good about the pitching staff despite the difficulties of Jose Contreras and the injured Orlando Hernandez.

And speaking of pitchers doin' some things in June, check out my man Joe Blanton (he's on my fantasy baseball team, which is why I care):

April-May K/9IP: 3.0
June K/9IP: 5.8

After a rather unfortunate month of May in which his ERA ballooned to 6.66 (indeed), he's bounced back and brought that number down to a more respectable 4.48. My fantasy team needs him desperately...which is also unfortunate.

The A's have won seven straight games, and the White Sox are venturing to Oakland this weekend. Poor timing, not to mention that the Athletics would take 2 of 3 from the Sox even if they were playing like the 2003 Tigers.

I would of course remiss if I didn't mention Chad Orvella, who hasn't allowed a run in his last two appearances.