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I have edited and cleaned up the links at the top of the column on the right side of the page:

About Adjusted FG%, Offensive Rebound Rate, Turnover Rate and Possessions

About Offensive and Defensive Efficiency

The latter contains an example calculation of possessions and efficiency ratings. Do have a look-see, why don't you?

There are also some new links on the page:

MGoBlog -- Creator and host of the BlogPoll, a newly-established college football poll comprised entirely of college sports bloggers (including me). We'll be sending in our votes weekly once the season starts, and the ballots will be open for everyone to dissect. Even if you don't care about the poll, if you're a college football fan, this blog is worth your time.

The Hardball Times
Baseball Toaster
Baseball Analysts
Sabernomics: A Study of the Protection Externality in Baseball Lineups
Football Outsiders

I'll probably attempt some organization as I keep adding links. But I am somewhat, ahem, HTML-challenged, and it's easier to lump all of my links into one list rather than try to divide them into separate categories.