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I can't help but feel bad for the Dodgers.

There is simply no defense for the amount of luck the White Sox generated last night (or the night before).

In the eighth inning, the first base umpire made a poor call on Scott Podsednik's sac bunt attempt that gave the Sox two baserunners (rather than one). Both would score.

In the Dodger ninth, when outfielder Jason Repko ate a Dustin Hermanson pitch for lunch (killed that pitch daid, sucka!), he was, of course, just a hair out in front, and the ball flew foul.

Repko--the leadoff man--would walk, but Jason Phillips would subsequently hit into a crippling double play. Right on queue.

In other news, the Twins have taken it upon themselves to go 3-7 over their last ten, and for that I am very appreciative. They're 7.5 back in the central and just a single game up on third place Cleveland. The Indians, finally free of the terrible cancer that is Eddie Murray (that's sarcasm), are hitting like they're supposed to. Or maybe they're just picturing Ervin Santana on the mound.

Even the Tigers and Royals are playing relatively well these days, and if you just look at the records, the AL Central is all of the sudden looking like one of the best divisions in baseball. This concept, entirely foreign to me, refuses to take hold in my brain.

[Some high comedy right here.]