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Kind Hosts

I went to bed last night with the White Sox clinging to a 5-4 lead in the sixth inning, and I figured, what with Chicago's propensity for losing the third game of any given series, that that margin wouldn't hold up. It didn't.

But instead of a Rockies comeback, the White Sox dropped the hammer and scored a combined ten runs in the last two innings. You can imagine my surprise at seeing that score this morning. This team could be playing on a softball field and I wouldn't expect them to score 15 times.

I wish I had caught the end of the game since it ended up being one of the rare occasions on which the Sox cruised to an easy win (the second of such wins in this series; thanks, Rockies). Carl Everett, Jermaine Dye*, Pablo Ozuna and Aaron Rowand had three hits apiece. Even reliever Cliff Politte got in on the action. Big Frank hit a monster shot to dead center in his lone at-bat (he's now slugging .700+ in limited action).

The Sox leave Denver having scored 26 runs in the three game series, and I'm left lamenting what this offense used to be. You know, back when they "just hit homers" and just finished in the top five in the majors in runs scored.

Unfortunately, the Twins haven't bothered to lose any ground in the standings, and the White Sox are off to the west coast.

Still waitin' for that ten game losing streak, Twinkies. Thanks in advance.

[* -- JD hit .275/.340/.593 in May after his .175/.205/.313 April. He's hitting .448/.500/.586 this month.]