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Really, I can't get enough Timo.

Maybe Ozzie Guillen can start him at every position.

The Sox could rest Joe Crede, Scott Podsednik, and Juan Uribe all at once, letting Perez have that side of the field to himself. I can imagine one of those graphics displaying the defensive lineup that they show on television during the first inning, with the left side of the field marked "TIMO" in huge block letters.

The White Sox managed seven runs last night, and actually started to threaten to steal another one from the Angels in the ninth (After Big Frank walked with the bases loaded to cut the deficit to three runs, I started to get my hopes up...then I saw Juan Uribe walk up to the batter's box.), but Francisco Rodriguez battled through a shaky return from the DL to finish off the game.

Chicago was winning when Jose Contreras left the game after six innings, but it got ugly pretty quickly. The Cheat outlines what happened. Suffice it to say that I ain't sorry to see Kevin Walker on his way back to the minors. El Duque is off the DL and ready to go against Cleveland on Friday. Thank goodness.

Chad Watch: Chad Orvella debuted for the D-Rays in Oakland after the A's jumped out to a comfortable 10-1 lead (the A's better pace themselves; 10 runs is usually their weekly allotment), and he got the last five outs of the game with no problems: 1 2/3 IP, 1 K, 0 H, 0 BB. Dig it.