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Shall we?

The White Sox--on a delicious 7-game win streak and 14-5 in June--will welcome the Cubs to the south side starting Friday. Here are the probables, four of whom started in the previous series:

Sergio Mitre (2-2, 4.19) vs. Freddy Garcia (6-3, 3.75)
Greg Maddux (6-4, 4.67) vs. Jose Contreras (3-3, 3.83)
Mark Prior (4-1, 2.93) vs. Jon Garland (12-2, 3.40)

The Cubs will dodge Mark Buehrle again, which is definitely a bummer, but they will likely see Garland on Sunday. It won't technically be Garland's turn in the rotation, but he'll have had a full four days of rest. And he's much better than the alternatives.

Greg Maddux has been pretty hittable this month: 22.3 IP, 30 H, 16 R.

Serio Mitre, who sports a killer 'stache-goatee combo, has been a mixed bag. In half of his six starts, he has given up 5 runs or more; in the other half, he's given up 2 runs or fewer, including two shutouts. Not a guy who'll strike a lot of hitters out, either.

Several guys in this series are enjoying hitting in June:

Paul Konerko: .353/.450/.632
Jermaine Dye: .381/.435/.635
Carl Everett: .366/.357/.634
Big Frank: .278/.372/.806

Derrek Lee: .450/.506/.738
Aramis Ramirez: .378/.418/.716
Jeromy Burnitz: .359/.412/.603

Here's hoping for win number 50 (!) tomorrow.