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2005 ACC/Big Televen Challenge Matchups Announced

Finally we have the answer to the question that's been gnawing at everyone all summer: who's Clemson playing?!

I give you the horrors of expansion:

Virginia Tech at Ohio State

Wisconsin at Wake Forest
Purdue at Florida State
Clemson at Penn State
Illinois at North Carolina
Miami at Michigan

Georgia Tech at Michigan State
Minnesota at Maryland
Northwestern at Virginia
Duke at Indiana
NC State at Iowa

You can file the VPI/tOSU and Miami/Michigan games under the "Too Bad This Isn't Football" category (and, conversely, the Duke/IU game under the "Thank God It Isn't Football!" category). I was going to make a Gerry DiNardo joke right here, but just remembered I can't because Indiana canned him. Jerks.

Clemson at Penn State? Do we have to?

The Challenge is really lacking in intriguing matchups this year, save for the obligatory national championship game re-match. Wisconsin/Wake should be interesting, and NC State/Iowa features some serious honky tonk action. I can dig it.

For the record, I'm takin' the ACC by a 7-4 margin (winners being Wake, FSU, Clemson, UNC, Maryland, Duke, UVA).