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Moving on...

The Oakland A's are 7-2 against the White Sox this season...I hope they don't offer any tips to the Twinkies for the second half.

Today's game was very entertaining, if not particularly well played. It was a close and back-and-forth game, which makes me uncomfortable under normal circumstances and even moreso when the bad guys are from Oakland.

Dan Haren had one of his worst starts in a while, and Sox starter Freddy Garcia allowed one run in each of the first four innings.

The A's scored three runs off of Superstar Reliever Neal Cotts in the seventh and got one more off Hermanson in the ninth, the latter proving to be the difference between extra innings and a loss. The White Sox of course battled back, but even they didn't have enough to overcome the Oakland mojo.

In the latter portions of the game especially, I was not pleased with the inconsistency displayed by the home plate umpire. All in all, a weekend I'm ready to forget. But there haven't been too many of those in the first half, and the White Sox go to the break up 9 games on Minnesooota, doncha know.