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SI's 2005 preview

There is still plenty of talent in Raleigh. If the pieces fall into place and the defense continues to excel, N.C. State could be back on the escalator to the top of the ACC.

"Last season did not turn out the way we wanted it to, but sometimes a step backwards can help you take three steps forward," Amato said.

I was having a nice, coachspeak-free summer until today. Thanks, SI.

McLendon may be gone, but the stable is still full. Reggie Davis, a bruising junior, emerged from the spring atop the depth chart. He rushed for 227 yards on 46 attempts as a sophomore, including an 11-carry, 72-yard effort in a loss to North Carolina.

I expect State to go with the RB-by-committee approach, which is fine since I don't play fantasy college football. Davis is pretty good, but I think the faster RBs on the roster will end up getting more of the carries.

Tight end T.J. Williams led the team with 382 receiving yards.

Seriously, how sad is this? Only two receivers averaged more than 30 yards per game; Williams was one, Richard Washington was the other (Washington only played in 8 games, and it's safe to say he'd have led the team with about 500 yards had he played in all 11 games). Last season was just an unbelievable waste.