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Now it gets scary.

The shedule is looking unfriendly for the next month-and-a-half:

vs. Boston (4 games) -- 2-2, 11.5 game lead
at KC (3) -- 1-2, 11 game lead
at Ballimer (4) -- 4-0, 15 game lead
vs Toronto (3) -- 1-2, 14 game lead
vs Seattle (3) -- 2-1, 13 game lead
at NYY (3) -- 2-1, 12.5 game lead
at Boston (3) -- 0-2, 12.5 game lead
vs Twinkies (3) -- 0-3, 11 game lead
vs NYY (3) -- 1-2, 8.5 game lead (ruh roh)
at Twinkies (3) -- 2-1, 8 game lead

Aggregate Record: 15-16
Change in Div Lead: -3.5 games

Thank goodness for that 11-game lead over Minnesota. If the Central is going to get tight, it's going to happen in August. I know better at this point than to be overly concerned by the schedule, and it seems that every time I begin to lose faith, the White Sox do something to pick me back up (right here I'd like to knock on a piece of wood the size of the greater Chicagoland area, but I'll have to settle for my desk).

Edit 7-24-05: I'm going to track how the Sox do during this span as well as monitor their lead in the division.