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That's okay; ain't nobody saw this comin'.

In an article titled "Why Sox?", which I can't access (but really, really wish I could) because I don't have a premium account at BPro (and you probably don't either, but I'm tossing the link in anyway), Joe Sheehan takes a look at why the White Sox have drastically out-performed his pre-season prediction (you totally don't need a premium subscription to read this link).

Sure, his pre-season prediction looks bad now, but if the White Sox lose fifty straight, he's back in business.

When I saw that article on Baseball Prospectus's front page today, this image came to mind immediately:

"Won't someone think of the pythagorean?"


To borrow from The Simpsons one more time...

[Our scene shifts to the south side of Chicago where two Baseball Prospectus writers are taking in a White Sox game with Sox GM Ken Williams]

Joe Sheehan: This isn't bad.
Ken Williams: Isn't bad? Tell me one thing mankind has ever done that's any better?
Jay Jaffe: The Renaissance?
Ken Williams: This is better.