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We gonna have us some fun in the Atlantic Division.

FoxSports/CFN posted this Maryland preview today.

So it all comes down to one thing: quarterback.

Hey, that sounds familiar. The Terps's 2004 was indeed very similar to NC State's 2004 in several ways: anemic offense led by bad QBs, lots of giveaways, 5-6 record.

And the two teams played each other in 2004. On television.

The preview on Statham's 2004:
Joel Statham went through some mega-growing pains as a not-ready-yet sophomore.

"Mega-growing pains" is, well, putting it as nicely as possible. CFN says Maryland's key game is their first conference home game--against Clemson. I'm gonna go on record right now and say the Terps hand Tammy and Co. a three-touchdown loss. You may be skeptical about the ability of Maryland's offense to score three touchdowns in one sixty-minute span, and that skepticism is legitimate. So let's say they, oh, I don't know, block two punts and a field goal.

The schedule isn't easy for Maryland, but I expect the Terps (like the Wolfpack) to be back in the post-season in 2005.

With rejuvenated teams in College Park and Raleigh (and a strong newcomer from Chestnut Hill), the Atlantic Division could be miiiiiiiighty interesting. Especially when FSU inevitably loses to Miami early in September.