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Mark Buehrle's streak of consecutive starts with at least 6 IP ended with a 6th inning ejection today, which is kind of disappointing but is a much cooler way to break the streak than, say, allowing eight runs in 3 and 2/3rds.

The ejection didn't matter in the grand scheme of things because the Sox won anyway. Despite Luis Vizcaino getting the call at the game's most important juncture. Despite another lineup that featured Timo in the leadoff spot.

At this point, it's obvious Timo has some incriminating documents of some kind--the question comes down to the nature of said documents.

The sweep of the Orioles, coupled with Boston's sweep of Minnesota over the weekend, leaves the Twins 15 games back, in a tie for second with Cleveland, and sans Torii Hunter for a long time.

Forget what I said earlier; the Twins are done. Do you hear me, baseball gods? I am shaking my fist skyward and shouting in open defiance! The Twins are done!