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Getting ... Closer

TechSideline has its game preview up. Their evaluation of the Wolfpack is fair, if not overly insightful. Here's the gist:
This one will be tight down to the end. It could very well be a battle of field goals between Brandon Pace and John Deraney. This battle should be won by Brandon Pace, who was 21-27 last season. Deraney was only 13-22.

The Hokies will hold a narrow lead late in the game. At that point, Tech will make a big play on either special teams or defense that will result in a late touchdown. After that, the Tech defense will not allow NC State past midfield to seal the game, and the Hokies will win by ten points in a game that was much closer than the final score.

Prediction: VT 23, NC State 13

Elsewhere, ESPN released its pre-season All-America team, which includes Mario Williams. Mario made CNNSI's team, too.

Two writers pick FSU as their flop in 2005.

News & Observer columnist Caulton Tudor offers up his pre-season top 25, and I highly recommend going through the necessary hassle ( in order to see this thing. First N&O writer JP Giglio voted Louisville #1 in his AP Poll ballot, and now we get this monstrosity from Tudor. Fresno State at #4, Auburn at #5, UTEP at #11, et cetera. Get a load of who's #1.