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Out On A Limb

Terry Bowden previews the ACC here. His predictions match the predictions made by the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association exactly. Maybe he's just adding his thoughts to the media predictions...

This is one tough conference that doesn't have to look up to any other league in college football.

Because we're good enough, we're smart enough, and doggone it, people like us.

Regarding Wake Forest:
On offense, all-time leading rusher Chris Barclay will rush for 1,000 yards for the third straight year, and there is enough depth on defense for the Demon Deacons to hold on for a few more close wins instead of losses.

Wake Forest is one of the few teams returning some legitimate experience at quarterback and that will help them improve their poor passing game. The problem, as usual, is defense--the Deacs were 84th in pass defense last season and they're replacing both of their starting corners. I'd like to see Wake get over the hump and start winning the close games, but unlike ol' Terry, I don't think the defense will make enough progress to allow them to do so. Still, watch out, Nebraska.

On Virginia:
Virginia just doesn't bring the same defensive intensity as the league's elite teams.

If you're making a pre-season list of legitimate concerns for your team, this should be down around #645.

The Cavs' defense played so flippantly in 2004 that it was only good enough for a pathetic top twenty ranking in total defense.