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Quarterback Issues

Up in College Park, Sam Hollenbach has emerged as the favorite for the starting quarterback job:
"To me," coach Ralph Friedgen said, "it's Sam's job to lose. He needs to go out there and play with confidence."

Joel Statham and Jordan Steffy saw most of the PT last season, but neither was effective.

It looks like there could be a QB competition going on in Atlanta, as well:
Even though Ball is a two-year starter, there also is concern about the quarterback position. Gailey opened up the competition in the spring, and Ball defending his starting job. Gailey says it is still possible that a young quarterback -- Taylor Bennett or Kyle Manley -- could share time with Ball.

Ball completed only 49.7 percent of his passes last year while throwing 18 interceptions and 16 touchdown passes.

Ball put up numbers worse than my NCAA 2005 QB. It's going to be another long year for ACC quarterbacks...

And what of NC State? Jay Davis has been getting a fair amount of praise lately:
Meanwhile, in seven-on-seven, it was Jay Davis to Lamart Barrett. Jay Davis to Sterling Hicks. Jay Davis to T.J. Williams. Jay Davis to Brian Clark ... In other words - Jay looked pretty sharp today.

Okay, so you have to take these athletic department rubber-stamped tidbits with a grain of salt, but after last season I'm desperate for anything remotely positive regarding Davis.

From an earlier practice diary:
We've had officials out there for the last two days, which is a little unusual this early in the season. False starts are obviously a point of emphasis. Every time one is called, the perpetrator has to run to the opposite endzone and back.

This is not surprising considering the Wolfpack finished 115th in the country in fewest penalties per game (they averaged a little over nine per game).

One hundred and forteenth in turnover margin, 115th in penalties. I'd rather gouge out my eyes with a fork than endure that again.