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Section Six Pre-Season Top 25

It's almost time for the first official BlogPoll to be released. And there are only a couple of weeks before the season starts. When I think for too long about the start of the season, I end up on the floor curled up in the fetal position hyperventilating into a paper bag. Can't we skip the rest of August? Is anyone going to miss it?

Anyway, here is my ballot for the pre-season BlogPoll. Comments welcome.

1) Southern Cal -- Naturally.
2) Texas -- Never gonna beat OU, but they are the second-best team in the country.
3) LSU -- QB issues be damned...I like this team.
4) Michigan -- The class of the Big Ten.
5) Tennessee -- Here for lack of a better choice...for some reason I'm thinking they could wind up big disappointments.

6) Florida -- Gators go from unlucky to lucky; Urban Meyer named Chancellor, Athletic Director, and Jesus, respectively.
7) Miami (FL) -- As far as I'm concerned, they're the favorites in the ACC.
8) Oklahoma -- Have as many holes to fill as FSU, but I can't put them any lower.
9) Ohio State -- Just don't make me watch.
10) Virginia Tech -- I'm a Vick skeptic for now.

11) Purdue -- I've been slowly coming around to the Boilermakers. This helped.
12) Louisville -- Will make themselves right at home in Big East country.
13) Iowa -- I think they're essentially on par with tOSU and Purdue.
14) Georgia -- So gonna beat Boise State. I mean, it's not even funny how they're gonna beat Boise State.
15) Texas A&M -- I will be seeing as much Reggie McNeal as possible.

16) Auburn -- I don't really know what to make of Auburn, but this feels about right.
17) Arizona State -- Plenty of potential, but they didn't show up against Cal or USC last year. They've got to prove they're contenders.
19) Florida State -- I have been down on the 'Noles all summer, which means they're likely to go undefeated. This is actually lower than I thought I'd put them.
20) Virginia -- Will make things interesting for Miami and VPI in the Coastal Division.

21) Cal -- I plead ignorance.
22) Boise State -- I'll admit it: I'm a hater.
23) Bowling Green -- Going to show Wisconsin what's what.
24) NC State -- Probably should run the veer.
25) Texas Tech -- I guess.

[Please bear with the incongruous looking BlogPoll dealie (generously provided by mgoblog) in the sidebar. I'll be tinkering with some CSS this weekend in the hopes of both redesigning this blog and making the poll fit in. So if I'm not here next week, you know what happened.]