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Six runs in three games against the Yankees. Two wins. Just another series.

After squeaking by the Yanks 2-1 on Tuesday, the Sox stole another one in extra innings today. In the 10th inning, Juan Uribe tripled off of Mariano Rivera (!!) and later scored on a Scotty Pods grounder to second base.

"Uribe can't hit a guy who throws junk," Guillen said. "And then he hits a triple against the toughest pitcher in baseball."
-- Recap

Even though the White Sox won the series, I feel a little discouraged. It's one thing if Mike Mussina (game one starter) shuts you down, but Shawn Chacon? Aaron Small? The Sox tend to do poorly against pitchers they're seeing for the first time, so maybe that's it...

Of course, Ozzie Guillen went with the scrubs today (Chris Widger at C, Pablo Ozuna at 2B, Greg Blum at 3B), and Timo Perez was the freakin' DH for the first two games. That didn't exactly help the run scoring process.

The White Sox desperately need another bat--there have been rumors about Ken Griffey, Jr., but I don't see that happening.

Chicago heads to Boston on Friday, then returns home to say hello to the Twins for the first time in a few months. Hopefully someone can take a look at Scott Podsednik when the team gets back to Chicago, because he appears to be broken. I don't think the Brewers have a return policy; I'll have to check the receipt.