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The fight against stupidity continues

And stupidity is winning.

Yeah, But I Bet They Were Surprised!
Down 21-19 inside the K-State 25 with :08 left (and one timeout), Marshall decides to throw the ball rather than center the ball on the field with a run. The result? Interception, game over. What, exactly, do another 6-8 yards do for you? Had the Herd simply decided to kick right there, it would've been about a 40 yard attempt, so there was no need to get closer. Marshall's kicker had made a 44-yarder earlier in the game; his leg-strength was a non-issue. And assuming that a run would have picked up a couple of yards while also centering the ball, the pass makes even less sense from the "we wanted to get a little closer" perspective.

After the interception, the Marshall fans started booing in earnest. The coaching staff deserved it. Merry Christmas, K-State!

Chan, My Man
I don't like watching Georgia Tech games. For one thing, the Jackets are maddeningly inconsistent. For another, there are at least five occasions per game where I want to reach through the television, grab Chan Gailey by the shoulders, shake the hell out of him, and scream, "what's wrong with you?!"

Cut to today's game against North Carolina. Let's recap:

1) Up 27-14, GT receives the ball with 11:16 left in the 4th quarter. First down: incomplete pass. Second down: nine yard completion. Third down: incomplete pass. Time of possession: 1:04.

2) Same score, GT gets the ball back with 6:47 left. First down: incomplete pass. Second down: sack (Carolina actually did Tech a favor here). Third down: two-yard rush by PJ Daniels. Time of possession: 1:00.

3) Now only up 27-21, GT's next possession comes with 4:16 left. First down: seven yard completion. Second down: incomplete pass. Third down: incomplete pass. Time of possession: 1:25.

"Okay, up two scores, better run the ball. We can salt this one away if I'm careful. Focus, Chan. Focus.

Oooh! a blue car!

Wait, what was I just saying?"