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VT at NCSU: Some last minute thoughts

Last minute as in I'm about to head out to the stadium and thus will be rendered internet-less.

-- I keep telling myself that Marcus Vick's inexperience is going to be an issue. I hope it is. His speed scares the hell out of me, but I just don't see him shredding us through the air.

-- Last season Jay Davis didn't really derail until all the offensive line injuries hit. Was the O-line a major cause of Davis' suckitude last year? We'll know pretty quickly.

-- Watch NC State's safeties tonight. They're unproven.

-- Omens for the rest of the season: turnovers and penalties. If this is another one of those four-turnover-ten-penalty games--first game of the season or not--it will not bode well.

Gut-feeling prediction:

VT: 17
NCSU: 27