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The week in quotations: Manny Lawson

Manny seems to be popular this week...

"Lawson expects some friendly banter":
Expect Lawson to exchange pleasantries -- and perhaps a bit of trash talk -- with Tar Heels long-snapper Mike Murphy. Lawson and Murphy have known each other since their middle school days in Goldsboro.

"I'm hoping to line up against him and push him around a little bit," Lawson said. "But it's all in the love of the game."

"Plus, I know his parents, so if he says anything, oooh, he's in trouble."

"Lawson relishes another test":
"I'm looking for teams to run on us instead of pass. I'm thinking game plans are situated toward me and my frame, me not being as big as the one on the other side," said Lawson, who's 6 feet 6 and 245 pounds. Fellow end Mario Williams, a junior, is 6-7 and 265.

"That's just my mind-set about things," Lawson said, grinning. "I love it. I welcome it with open arms. And a shoulder. And an occasional face mask in there."

Mario Williams, used on the Pack's punt-attack team, notched his first career block against Eastern Kentucky. Lawson, who has six career blocks, recovered Williams' blocked punt.

How would Lawson rate Williams' breakthrough effort?

"From one to 10, I give him a 7.5," Lawson said, smiling. "I mean, the technique was there. But the dive and the finish and the roll on the ground? Aw, that was just ugly
"I've got to teach him better than that. You've got to roll and then ball your arms up and then roll to the side and hop up. You can't keep rolling."