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Where do we go from here?

Box score

That Gator Bowl appearance was a decade ago. Feels like it, anyway.

In the context of the season-to-date, there are a lot of things that don't make any sense. Like how North Carolina's struggling ground game could out-rush us 144-13. Or how their defense could manage six sacks. Or how they were leading at halftime despite completing one pass for three yards.

Perhaps the season will bear out Saturday's result. Maybe Carolina is better than NC State.

For now, though, the game stands as one of the most perplexing contests I've witnessed in a long time. I'm not really sure where we stand.

Jay Davis managed to not throw an interception, but "made up" for it by losing two fumbles. Throw in a blocked punt returned for a touchdown, and that's how you lose the first half despite holding Matt Baker to 1-9, 3 yds.

We scored two quick TDs in the third quarter to take a 24-14 lead only to be out-played for the rest of the game. The offense had more trouble than it should've.

Now we're off to Atlanta for a Thursday-nighter, which will be followed by another Thursday-nighter against Clemson. If we aren't careful, this season is going to get out of hand. NC State hasn't beaten GT since 2000, and the Tigers look like they've improved from last season.

At this point, I'd be thrilled with a We' Bowl. I think we're better than that, but if it's never going to show on the field, what does it matter?