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Barclay, Fridge just want to keep runnin'

For some reason, I find this note about Chris Barclay a little unsettling:
Barclay ranks 11th in Division I-A with 113 yards rushing a game, and even though he was suspended from the opener for a violation of team rules, he should surpass 1,000 yards for the third consecutive season.

More importantly, the 5-foot-10, 180-pounder needs only 230 yards to become the all-time leading rusher in Wake Forest history.
That couldn't happen on Saturday, right?

Moving on...

The Charlotte Observer added to speculation about Cory Randolph today. Jim Grobe says he'll be surprised if Randolph is ready to go this weekend. I'm still not ready to buy it yet.

Also in that Observer article: Ralph Friedgen orders a treadmill for his office so he can run while watching film (try not to picture that). Something's coming to me...
Later, with wires attached to him, Homer runs on a treadmill in naught but his underwear. Mulder and Scully watch.

Mulder: Wait a minute, Scully. What's the point of this test?
Scully: No point. I just thought he could stand to lose a little weight.
Mulder: His jiggling is almost hypnotic.
Scully: Yes. It's like a lava lamp.
-- "The Springfield Files"

In other news, NCSU athletics director Lee Fowler has been practicing his standup routine at the Raleigh Sports Club:
When there were no more questions, Fowler closed with a quip.

"It's almost 1 o'clock," he said. "I know a lot of you are hard-working guys who have to get back to your Internet."