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CanesVision apologizes for jumbotron incident

As if last Thursday's happenings on the field weren't embarrassing enough, the university has also had to deal with the "Mexi-cam" incident. Today, CanesVision apologized for its actions. CanesVision operates and produces the content for Carter-Finley Stadium's scoreboard.

Here is the important item in the link (emphasis mine):

The incident occurred during the Wolfpack's 31-10 loss to Clemson last Thursday. After several fans were featured on the video screen with titles such as "Kissing Cam" and "Fan Cam," an image appeared with the title "Mexi-Cam," according to an editorial Monday in N.C. State's student newspaper, The Technician.

The person featured on the video screen was a CanesVision employee, and company director Pete Soto has sent a letter of apology to the university, Hanlin said.

It was a joke amongst coworkers that (go figure!) no one else got. On the surface of it, this whole thing appeared stunningly idiotic. I'm relieved and not entirely surprised that the motivation behind the gag was something a little more reasonable than overt racism/cultural insensitivity.