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How we doin'?

Remember all that focusing on mistakes we did during the off-season? Y'know, bringing in refs to call scrimmages extra-tight and what have you? Yeah, neither do the players.

2004 TO Margin: 114th (-1.55)
2004 Fewest Penalties/Game: 115th (9.2, 71 yds)

2005 TO Margin: 89th (-0.50)
2005 Fewest Penalties/Game: 112th (10.0, 89.5 yds)
"To be honest, I can't really
anything through these."
I got a new idea: reverse psychology. Since this constant
fixation/obsession/reiteration stuff is actually causing more penalties, maybe the coaches are better off ignoring/encouraging the problem.

"Penalties? Flags? What are you people talking about?"

Actually, that's a terrible idea. Forget I even mentioned it.

We could use a clean effort this week, because Clemson is one
of the least error-prone teams in the country (despite what
their 2-3 record might indicate).

The Tigers are 17th in turnover margin (+1.00) and 2nd in Fewest Penalties/Game (3.4/game). Man, that must be nice.

Iowa is the least-penalized team in the country, averaging 2.8 penalties per game. Derek Morris commits 3 penalties before breakfast.