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Random Saturday thoughts

-- Wake Forest replaced Ben Mauk with Cory Randolph during the week, and it paid off pretty much immediately against Clemson. Considering how well Randolph played, it's hard to figure how he lost the job to Mauk. I'm sure he's glad not to be playing wide receiver any more.

-- Virginia = Maryland = Clemson = NC State.

-- I'm surprised and disappointed by how many points Virginia gave up to Maryland. I thought they were much better than that, but then again, they did allow Syracuse to break 20. The Terps seem to have turned things around a bit; they're still not particularly impressive, but I can see them sneaking into a bowl game.

-- Dude, Clemson, what happened? And what was up with that fake FG with about 3:30 left? No one should have to go through what the Tigers have over the last three games.

-- The Tar Heels won, though I see they've gone back to rushing the ball anemically. Their offensive performance against NC State remains their best of the season.


-- Chad Henne looked excellent against MSU in the first half...or maybe that was just the Spartans defense. Mike Hart was excellent as well.

-- Most impressive performance this week, by far: USC's ground game. Good god. Lyndale White and Reggie Bush were awesome in the second half. I'm still pretty impressed with ASU despite the outcome. They showed that this year's team is different and that they're capable of playing with the conference's best team. ASU is definitely a top 20 team.

-- Purdue secondary = um...

-- Figures--I finally buy into Minnesota, and they go lay an egg in State College. You know what, fine, Gophers; I didn't want to rank you anyway.

-- Rutgers 37, Pitt 29. The comedy continues.

-- Al-uh-bama, y'all! Alabama.

-- Tied with Texas A&M, Baylor had the ball with about :50 left around their own 35 yard line. They played for OT and lost. Why not try to get into field goal range? What'd they have to lose?