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We're due.

Screw it--I'm tired of thinking about all the ways we can keep losing games, and there's not much point in worrying about it in the hours leading up to a game. Lament the mistakes in the immediate aftermath of a game, sure; constantly frustrate myself by asking why we can't be more error-free, no.

If the flags start to fly and the turnovers become numerous, well, it'll be just another one of those days. By now, these things are to be expected, which makes it a lot easier to laugh them off. So we embarrassed ourselves on national television again. Big deal.

And we are due. No wins in Atlanta since 1988; four consecutive losses to Tech, a couple of which were to some pretty blah GT teams, too. Here we are in October, the only team other than Duke still looking for its first conference win.

I realize the "we're due" thing is garbage--once the game starts, NC State's recent struggles against Georgia Tech are as irrelevant as Tech's home winning streak against NC State is. But I'm saying it because, I dunno, it feels like the right sentiment. It might just be a sign of desperation. I find that these sorts of feelings tend to creep in when I don't want to consider what a loss could mean for the season. When you're winning your fair share, the losses are easier to stomach...falling two games under .500, though, is difficult to consider.

It's tough to wipe the mental slate clean and not worry about circumstance. Here's hoping that the Pack make me blissfully forgetful for a few hours.