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BlogPoll Ballot -- Week 10

My ballot from last week is here. This week's version of the BlogPoll will be released tomorrow morning at mgoblog.
Rank TeamLast Week1 Southern Cal12 Texas23 Virginia Tech34 Alabama55FSU66 Miami (FL)77 UCLA88 LSU99Georgia410Notre Dame1011 Penn State1112Ohio State1213Oregon1414Florida1515Wisconsin1616Auburn1717Boston College1318West Virginia1819TCU1920Texas Tech2021Michigan2222Georgia Tech2423Cal2324Fresno State2525LouisvilleNR

Dropped Out: Northwestern

Games Watched: BC vs. VT, USM vs. NCSU, Maryland vs. FSU, Clemson vs. GT, Florida vs. Georgia, Texas vs. Okie State, Michigan vs. Northwestern

Poll Items:

-- Yeah, so not much doing this week. Went with Louisville over Colorado in the #25 slot.

-- When two top 25 teams play, I try to be consistent in ranking the winner ahead of the loser in my ballot for the next week. That wasn't feasible this week, thus Georgia is still well ahead of Florida.

-- Texas has been gaining some ground on USC in the BlogPoll, but I'm not ready to make any changes at the top. Southern Cal still looks like the best team in the country to me, and they probably will look that way until they lose a game.