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BlogPoll Ballot -- Week 11

My ballot from last week is here.

Rank TeamLast Week1 Southern Cal12 Texas23 Miami (FL)64 Alabama45Virginia Tech36 LSU87 Georgia98 Notre Dame109Penn State1110Ohio State1211 Florida State512Oregon1313Florida1414Auburn1615West Virginia1816UCLA717TCU1918Texas Tech2019Michigan2120Georgia Tech2221Wisconsin1522Fresno State2423Louisville2524ColoradoNR25Boston College17

Dropped Out: California

Games Viewed: BC vs. UNC, Iowa vs. Northwestern, Tennessee vs. Notre Dame, NCSU vs. FSU, A&M vs. Texas Tech, Miami vs. VPI, Stanford vs. Southern Cal

Poll Items:

-- Like many people, I'm hopping Miami into the 3-spot. I didn't punish Virginia Tech too much despite the 20-point margin since I still think they deserve to be ranked ahead of the teams in the 6-9 range.

-- I'm not sure how I feel about West Virginia in the top 15...I mean, I kinda like them, but I also kinda don't like them. Team's pretty good, quarterbacks are meh.

-- Colorado enters my ballot for the first time this season. Boston College hangs on by a thread. Losing to Carolina is totally ewww gross and firm grounds for punishment; however, I also have to recognize that the Heels have a solid, bowl-caliber team. That literally hurt to type.