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BlogPoll Ballot -- Week 12

Rank TeamLast Week1 Southern Cal12 Texas23 Miami (FL)34 Virginia Tech55LSU66 Notre Dame87 Penn State98 Ohio State109Alabama410Oregon1211 Auburn1412West Virginia1513Georgia714Michigan1915UCLA1616TCU1717Fresno State2218Louisville2319Florida State1120Boston College2521South CarolinaNR22Florida1323Texas Tech1824Wisconsin2125MinnesotaNR

Dropped Out: Georgia Tech, Colorado

Games Watched: Boise State vs. Fresno State, FSU vs. Clemson, Maryland vs. UNC, A&M vs. Oklahoma, Miami vs. Wake Forest (damn you, regional coverage), LSU vs. Alabama, NC State vs. Boston College, Auburn vs. Georgia

Poll Items:

-- Plenty of reshuffling this week. Minnesota is back for the first time in a while, and the OBC makes his debut.

-- Yes, I'm aware Michigan played Indiana this past Saturday.

-- I'm liking Fresno State a lot more now that I've finally gotten a chance to see them play.

-- I thought about dropping Texas Tech out, but I didn't really care for the alternatives (Oklahoma, UTEP). The Sooners can prove me wrong by beating the Red Raiders.