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Greensboro News & Record previews Pack hoops; Wake continues to bumble

-- Another preview of Wolfpack hoops, another suggestion that perhaps the team will be better without Julius Hodge. Why is it that only after Hodge's departure do people assert that he never really fit into Herb Sendek's offense? Or did I just miss these accusations during the last four years?

-- Florida 77, Wake 72. Can't say I'm shocked.

An interesting early trend: lots of turnovers committed by the Deacs.

Turnover Rates

vs. Miss Valley: 27.6%
vs. George Mason: 26.5%
vs. Florida: 27.4%

Meaning that Wake has been turning the ball over on one out of every four possessions. Justin Gray has 17 turnovers combined over the last two games.

Last season, the Deacs were pretty good at avoiding mistakes ('04-'05 TO Rate = 20%). Obviously it's still early, but there is growing cause for alarm in Winston-Salem.