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Guelph angry! Guelph no get calls!

This from Guelph's official athletics website:
The Guelph Gryphons in front of 7,000 fans put a first half scare into the pre-season #4 in ACC NC State Wolfpack. The Gryphons behind great three point shooting hung tough all half and trailed only 12 at the break 36 - 24. Guelph went to the foul line on 4 times all night and they were taken all in the first half. The Wolfpack received every call all night and went to the line 33 times on the night converting 27. The Canadian team played inspired defense all night on the much larger more athletic home squad. The second half saw the Gryphs continue making three's hitting 6 and closing a 22 point deficit to 14 before the Wolfpack pulled ahead late. The Gryphs represented the University very well. Final NC State 74 - Guelph 46. Leading scorers were JR Bailey with 15 points and 4 boards, Jay Mott with 9 points and JS Esposito and Nick Pankerichan with 8 each. The Gryphs hung tough in every category except free throw shooting.

"Fire bad!"