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Hacking masses

NC State 97, Mt. Olive 56

Coolest box score ever.

I didn't go to the game tonight, and I'm glad I didn't. Mt. Olive committed an astounding 40 fouls, which led to 61 NC State free throw attempts. "Dang, man, I just
got in the game..."

The Hacking Masses of the Game: Chuckie Jefferson, who fouled out in 7 minutes of playing time (pictured at right); and Justin Egdorf, who fouled out in 6. Way to go, guys.

Here's a fun stat:


Mt. Olive had more offensive rebounds (22) than defensive rebounds (17) because of an absurd discrepancy in field goal attempts. Mt. Olive hoisted/launched/saturation bombed 72 shots (making 20), while NC State shot just 36 (making 24). Twice as many attempts...40 fewer points.

All those shots made for a ton of available boards at Mt. Olive's end--53, to be exact. Their 22 offfensive boards gave them a 41.5% Offensive Rebound Rate for the game. In general, it sounded like the Wolfpack gave a better effort tonight, but allowing that kind of rebounding efficiency to Mt. Olive...ew.

On the other end, NC State grabbed 7 offensive boards out of 24 available rebounds. That's not a good percentage; however, because of the utter weirdness of the game, 12 of those OReb opportunities came courtesy of missed Wolfpack FTs. Since the Mt. Olive players had the best rebounding position for those missed free throws by default, they were able to grab a higher percentage of defensive boards than they otherwise would have.