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Monday notes: football and basketball

-- Congratulations to Manny Lawson, Mario Williams, and Stephen Tulloch, who are first-team All-ACC players. TJ Williams and Darrell Blackman were second-teamers.

-- Boise or Charlotte. Boise or Charlotte. I have to admit, I'm hoping we end up somewhere we don't normally have a chance to go--like San Francisco or Nashville. We aren't likely to have many opportunities to play in a bowl outside of the normal ACC tie-ins. Barring that, here's hoping that Clemson ends up in Orlando so we can play in Charlotte.

-- The Wolfpack's hoops win over Notre Dame impressed the pollsters enough to earn it a ranking in both polls.

-- Sticking with basketball: Ken Tysiac laments the fact that the ACC isn't facing the Big East this week. After a heavy, remorseful sigh, Tysiac continues with a rundown of the ACC-Big Ten Challenge.

-- This is somewhat unrelated, but it caught my eye: John Chaney berates Temple fans.
The 73-year-old coach walked to the scorer's table, grabbed the mike and told the fans it wasn't Temple's way to be seen as "idiots."

"To endanger the lives of these kids is not our way," he said to a hushed crowd. "Always remember, stupid is forever. You can't change stupidity. So if somebody's sitting next to you, make them recognize that we do not allow that here at Temple."

Chaney said Monday he made his public rebuke because he was concerned about the safety of the players and he's grown tired of the increasingly bad behavior in all levels of sports.
For some reason, Chaney's remarks ring hollow...

Chaney has a history of insufferable antics, most notably threatening to kill Massachusetts coach John Calipari during a postgame news conference in 1994. And it was only last season when Chaney was suspended after sending in a player to intentionally foul a Saint Joseph's player, who ended up with a broken arm.

"I might do a lot of dumb things, but I don't tolerate them," he said.