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Who thought a bit of silver would look good on the uniforms of North Carolina, Illinois, and Michigan? Oh, right: Nike. Ugh.

In other news: prior to writing this post, I spent like five minutes refreshing Blogger trying to get the date and time stamp selectors to display, only to realize that there wasn't a problem with my browser--Blogger simply decided it was time to change its design and hide these selectors. Go me.


-- The ACC managed to take 3 of 5 tonight (as I write this, the Miami/Michigan game is still in progress, but Michigan leads comfortably), and I think that the ACC will get three more tomorrow (Maryland, Duke, NCSU/UVA), thus winning the Big Ten-ACC Challenge again.

-- Florida State pummeled Purdue. I am eagerly awaiting the official box so I can see how many points/possession the Seminoles scored in the first half. Maybe I shouldn't be admitting this.

-- Wake had to endure a late rally to beat Wisconsin. This was the most exciting game of the night. Wake had an offensive rebound rate of 50% (!) and made 90% of its free throws. Tonight, at least, Justin Gray and Deacs looked like the team of old.

-- Clemson took care of Penn State without too much trouble.

-- The Heels couldn't quite pull off the upset of Illinois. Very important win for the Big Ten. Going down 4-2 woulda meant certain doom.

-- Michigan is taking care of Miami, up 20 with 5:00 left.

-- I think the ACC is in good shape heading into the last five games. I don't expect Maryland to have much difficulty with Minnesota, and I think Duke will beat Indiana. Georgia Tech is sure to lose in East Lansing, which leaves NC State/Iowa and Northwestern/Virginia. The ACC should be able to split those two games.