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It's hard to title these things sometimes.

Just a few short notes...

-- Basketball game against Gee Dubya moved from 12/31 to 12/30. Excellent news for those of us who are attending the bowl game. Many thanks to George Washington and Fox Sports for being flexible.

-- Over at EDSBS, Orson and Stranko have decided which teams they're rooting for this bowl season. On the Meineke Bowl:
Meineke Car Care Bowl: South Florida vs. NC State.

Orson: A phenomenally misplaced bowl–how do two 6-5 teams make it to December 31st? This really should have been played at a more appropriate time, like last week, especially given its status as "Cheapest Sounding Bowl." Chuck Amato wears red shoes and funny glasses. When Elton John did it in ‘74, it ruled; when Amato does it, we want him trampled by a herd of rogue wilderbeest, especially at a night game. Go Bulls.

Stranko: Jim Leavitt obviously on cares about football and doesn’t give much thought to things like… haircuts. For his sake (and the fact that I am related to some alums here) I say Go Bulls!

-- ESPN has nabbed another great college hoops blogger.'s Insider service just became more compelling, as it now offers the musings of both John Hollinger and Ken Pomeroy. There are some exciting tidbits in Ken's post, like the revelation that he's working on a stats page for individual players. And the news (via Big Ten Wonk) that a Division II conference is keeping official possession-based statistics. Very cool.

-- Angry googlers from Kentucky: I believe you are looking for this.

-- A preview of the Wolfpack's conference opener will be posted on Friday.