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UNC-Asheville: At least they're tall

Eddie Biedenbach brings his stiffs to the RBC Center on Wednesday night.

I remember CJ Walker from a game against the Bulldogs two years ago. He was probably the skinniest basketball player I'd ever seen, so I hope he's put on a few pounds in the meantime. But Walker is no longer the main attraction. The Bulldogs also feature Kenny George, who is 7' 6". According to his bio, Kenny averaged nine blocks per game as a senior in high school.

Alas, we probably won't get to see Kenny in action. He hasn't logged any playing time so far this season.

UNC-A has already played two road games against ACC foes: GT 80, UNCA 52; Wake Forest 79, UNCA 63.

The UNC-A starters (just call them the anti-Stetson):

Omar Collington (6'1", 195) -- Decent shooter and the team's second-leading scorer.

Chad Mohn (6'8", 225) -- Averaging 9.6 rebs/40 through five games.

Brett Warner (6'10", 235) -- Starts but doesn't play a whole lot (94 minutes in 5 games). Averaging a respectable 16.2 pts/40 and 8.9 rebs/40.

Oliver Holmes (6'6", 205) -- Would that every one of his shot attempts could come from the line. Holmes is 20-21 (95%) from the free throw line and 8-31 (26%) from the field. Nice FTA/FGA, though, holmes.

Joe Barber (6'9", 235) -- Off to a good start this season, Barber is the team's leading scorer. Averages 21.5 pts/40, but unlike Clank!, Barber does so with good shooting (63.6% eFG).