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Friday Notes

-- Today's most important item: Theodis Tarver has been reinstated. Now the Jackets have at least a little something to work with on the bench. Tarver, who is the team's best shot-blocker, could replace Ra'Sean Dickey in the starting lineup.

-- More truthiness! See this Language Log post for video and a transcript of Stephen Colbert's phone conversation with NCSU prof Michael Adams. The story made today's edition of The Technician, and one student took this whole thing way too seriously.

-- Ken Pomeroy has made individual stats available for each team in DI-A, which is totally freakin' awesome. Have a look at Georgia Tech's scouting report.

-- I have made an effort to consolidate the various statistical primers that are scattered around the internets. You can find these links in the sidebar (
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CTN: What Can Stats Do For You? (pt. IV)
Hawkeye Hoops: Stats Primer
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