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NC State 83, UNCG 52

Box Score

Somewhere, DaRealHeel is kicking a rock in frustration. Or at least I hope he is.

Last Friday, the Pack did a good job against George Washington on the defensive glass but didn't match that performance at the offensive end. Tonight, the Pack put together a complete effort:

OR%: 48.1%
DR%: 85.2%

Defensive rebounding has been one of Greensboro's biggest problems this season, so it's not too surprising to see the Pack put up a good OR%. Greensboro is a solid offensive rebounding team, though, and NC State held the Spartans to a percentage well below their average.

Simmons and Brackman were the rebounding stars (as they should be), collecting a combined 14 rebounds in 46 minutes of playing time.

NC State's dominant rebounding combined with its excellent shooting (eFG% = .646) proved to be way too much for the Spartans. And had the Pack not been turnover-prone this evening, the outcome could have been far worse.

Engin Atsur continues to look great shooting the ball. Including tonight's numbers, Atsur has hit 47% of his threes and leads the team in effective field goal percentage (69%).

On to Crappel Hill we go.