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Something That's Not A Preview Of Seton Hall

I'm skipping the full-blown preview of Seton Hall. There's not a lot I can add to the scouting report, anyway.

A few observations:

-- There's nothing I like to see more than an inefficient opposing player who uses a lot of possessions. Kelly Whitney is shooting 46.5%, which is especially poor what with him being a forward and all. He's got some meh rebounding numbers, too.

-- Donald Copeland is one of the rare SHU players shooting above 50% and is the team's most prolific outside shooter. He's 34-90 (.378) from behind the arc.

-- Jamar Nutter is also hitting threes at a decent percentage (.371), but there's little to worry about beyond him. Only he and Copeland are making more than 30% of their three-pointers.

-- The Pirates would have a solid offense but for that whole inability-to-shoot thing. Their season box score is viewable's not pretty.

-- Brian Liang played with Gavin Grant at St. Raymond's. Both were in the class of 2004.

-- David Palmer is averaging an unpresidential 7.7 fouls/40 minutes.

Some assorted links:

-- The pressure is on Louis Orr. Says high school coach Bob Hurley:

"I personally know the guys on the staff there and I feel sorry for them," he said. "I don't know that there's another person out there that's going to do a significantly better job than Louis Orr is under the circumstances they have right now."

He's right, though I'm sure Seton Hall fans disagree with the assertion. Expansion has not helped the SHU job become more appealing, and for that matter, neither have the fans. Continental Airlines arena is a morgue on game day, so I think the rest of us can be forgiven when we mistake the Hall for a program without a pulse.

-- I had forgotten about this:

* Seton Hall heads back to Raleigh, N.C., and the RBC Center, for the first time since the 2004 NCAA Tournament.
* The Pirates picked up the signature win of head coach Louis Orr’s tenure at the RBC Center, erasing a 14-point second-half deficit to defeat Arizona, 80-76. The Pirates lost in the second round to Duke, 90-62.
* Senior Kelly Whitney had 24 points and 14 rebounds vs. Arizona. Whitney, Donald Copeland and Grant Billmeier are the current Pirates with game experience at the RBC Center