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ACC Individual Stats Leaders -- Conference Games Only

Statistics are up to date through this past weekend. Ken Pomeroy's stats glossary has definitions for just about all of the numbers you'll see below. A player must play a minimum of 30% of his team's minutes (about 12 mpg) in order to qualify. Have a look (Wolfpack players are in bold)...

Effective Field Goal PercentageRank PlayereFG%1 Andrew Wilson71.42 Louis Hinnant71.03 Sean Dockery67.84 Tony Bethel65.85Diego Romero65.26 Ra'Sean Dickey62.87 Cam Bennerman61.28 Ilian Evtimov61.09Wes Miller60.710JJ Redick59.911 Byron Sanders59.112Reyshawn Terry58.913Eric Williams58.514Laurynas Mikalauskas58.315DeMarcus Nelson58.3
Special kudos to the pure forwards (i.e., non-three-point shooters) who are on the eFG% leaderboard since they don't get the benefit of eFG's adjustment for the value of threes.

O Rtg & UsageRank PlayerO Rtg%Poss1 JJ Redick12530.22Robert Hite12422.03Shelden Williams12325.54 Craig Smith12123.75Justin Gray11928.26Tyler Hansbrough11827.57Jared Dudley11724.08Eric Williams11721.09Guillermo Diaz11525.010AD Vassallo11420.311 Al Thornton11326.512Andrew Brackman11221.113Cedric Simmons11022.914Reyshawn Terry11027.515Danny Green10822.7
Note: An added requirement for the above table is a usage above 20%. I wanted to remove the guys who are efficient mainly because they play small roles in the offense. Keep in mind that efficiency tends to decrease with higher usage.

UsageRank Player%Poss1 JJ Redick30.22 Sean Singletary29.03 Justin Gray28.24 JR Reynolds27.65Reyshawn Terry27.56 Tyler Hansbrough27.57 Al Thornton26.58 Tyrese Rice26.29Anthony Harris26.010Shawan Robinson25.711 Shelden Williams25.512Alexander Johnson25.313Zabian Dowdell25.314Guillermo Diaz25.015Jared Dudley24.0

%Shots & UsageRank Player%Shots%Poss1 JJ Redick35.630.22Sean Singletary31.629.03Justin Gray30.228.24 Danny Green29.822.75Al Thornton29.326.56Guillermo Diaz29.225.07JR Reynolds29.027.68Zabian Dowdell28.625.39Shawan Robinson27.725.710Reyshawn Terry27.527.511 Robert Hite27.422.012Sean Marshall27.223.313Anthony Morrow27.123.114Tyrese Rice25.726.215Tyler Hansbrough25.127.5
The above table illustrates how related %Shots and usage tend to be. I was surpised to see that Danny Green takes such a large chunk of his team's shots while on the court. He's only getting about 15 min/game in conference, so I guess he figures there is no time to waste.

OR%Rank PlayerOR%1 Tyler Hansbrough18.02 Raymond Hicks15.33 Shelden Williams14.74 Jeremis Smith13.85Travis Garrison13.06 Jason Cain12.57 Akida McLain12.48 Kyle Visser12.39Al Thornton12.110Chris Ellis11.911 Reyshawn Terry11.612Danny Green11.413Ekene Ibekwe11.114Laurynas Mikalauskas11.015Anthony King10.9
I'm a little surprised to see Leslie Visser on this list. She just barely met the minutes requirement.

DR%Rank PlayerDR%1 Craig Smith22.62 Alexander Johnson22.63 Shelden Williams22.24 Reyshawn Terry22.05Akin Akingbala21.16 Eric Williams20.87 Jeremis Smith19.88 Jamon Gordon19.79Gavin Grant19.610Cedric Simmons19.311 Ekene Ibekwe18.812Jason Cain17.713Ra'Sean Dickey17.614Danny Green17.515Byron Sanders16.2
Gavin Grant has been a better defensive rebounder than Ced Simmons in conference play. Simmons, however, is a much better offensive rebounder than Gavin. Note the guys on both the OR% and DR% lists.

PPWSRank PlayerPPWS1 Andrew Wilson1.422 Louis Hinnant1.413 Sean Dockery1.354 Diego Romero1.345Tony Bethel1.336 JJ Redick1.327 Cam Bennerman1.328 Tyler Hansbrough1.319Ilian Evtimov1.2910Ra'Sean Dickey1.2911 Andrew Brackman1.2912Shelden Williams1.2813Reyshawn Terry1.2814Wes Miller1.2215Craig Smith1.21
What do you know...the guys who rank 1-2-3 in eFG% also rank 1-2-3 in PPWS.

Turnover RateRank PlayerTO%1 Anthony King7.12 Coleman Collins11.13 Robert Hite11.94 Guillermo Diaz12.15Eric Williams13.16 AD Vassallo13.47 Zabian Dowdell13.68 Jared Dudley13.79Jason Rich13.810Lee Melchionni13.911 Travis Garrison14.012JJ Redick14.113Akida McLain14.814James Gist15.415Shelden Williams15.5
It's important to keep these turnover rates in context. King barely touches the ball, which makes it pretty easy to avoid turnovers. Most of the league's point guards are well over 20%, but that's not necessarily a bad number for guys who have the ball in their hands all the time.

When he learns of his placement in the above leaderboard, Lee Melchionni will chest bump his teddy bear and slap his dorm room floor.

Fouls/40 MinRank PlayerFouls/401 Tunji Soroye7.22 Sam Perry6.03 Josh McRoberts5.94 Alexander Johnson5.85Laurynas Mikalauskas5.76 Kyle Visser5.57 Reyshawn Terry5.48 Travis Garrison5.39Ekene Ibekwe5.210Chris Ellis5.1
No one approaches Soroye's level of hackitude.

Blocks/40 MinRank PlayerBlks/401 Shelden Williams5.92 Cedric Simmons4.03 Theodis Tarver3.24 Kyle Visser3.25Travis Garrison3.2
Landlord indeed.