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Doyel Conjectures Uselessly About Coaching Carousel, Mentions Larry Harris

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Which coaches will end up where?

Duquesne: No, the job isn't open. Not yet. But put it this way: Danny Nee is more gone than Quin Snyder. When it opens, this job will be Ohio State assistant John Groce's to turn down. Groce, the hot young stud on Thad Matta's staff, worked with new Duquesne AD Greg Amodio when all three were at Xavier. Dark horse pick: If Groce says no -- he might wait for a more winnable situation -- and Rohrssen replaces Dixon, watch here for former Pitt star Larry Harris, an assistant at North Carolina State.

I thought it was interesting that Harris's name came up, even if it was qualified by an improbable chain of events. I'd suggest reading the whole article, because Doyel puts together some entertaining scenarios.

I don't want to suggest that Gregg was drinking while he wrote the piece, but he did call Arizona State a "sleeping giant."

One other quick note from an AP story on Ced Simmons:

A few weeks ago, the North Carolina State center came over late to try to stop a drive by Wake Forest's Chris Ellis, who leaped high for a dunk over Simmons as he was fouled. The moment was replayed endlessly on TV and preserved for posterity in a photo.

How does Simmons, a former West Brunswick (N.C.) High standout, know? Well, he sees the picture often, since teammates Andrew Brackman and Gavin Grant put it on their computers as their screen saver.