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Let's Bicker Like It's 2001

Kent: Professor, without knowing precisely what the danger is, would you say it's time for our viewers to crack each other's heads open and feast on the goo inside?

Professor: Mmm, yes I would, Kent.

Greenland 74, NC State 72

I'm less than keen on this whole double OT thing we got goin' on. Today was downright painful. Who would've thought that Sean Marshall's three point play to open the second OT would be all the scoring the Eagles needed to win?

NC State took nine shots in the overtimes, eight of which were three-pointers. Offensive execution was terrible in every one of the game's crucial last-minute possessions. I think fatigue cost NC State the game...we weren't up to playing for fifty minutes.

Boston College grabbed nine of its 19 offensive rebounds in the overtimes, and NC State only managed to hit one field goal.

NC State opponents have rebounded over 40% of their misses in three straight games, which a disturbing trend regardless of opponent. No one should be surprised if Wake Forest makes it four straight.

It's a shame that NC State wasn't able to take the opportunity presented by this week and solidify a high NCAA tournament seed. I don't know that the Wolfpack can make up the RPI ground it has lost, barring an ACC tournament title.

I'm trying to stay positive, as difficult as that is sometimes. (I seem to alternate between "we're never going to do anything special" and "we still have a good chance to make a run in the NCAAs.") In these last two games, NC State has shot the ball well below its average. We'll bounce back.

And we'd better not waste any time doing so, either, since I will be attending the Wake Forest game.