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NC State 62, Maryland 58

Box Score

Three-pointers saved the day...

Inside Arc: 18.5% (5-27)
Outside Arc: 42.9% (12-28)

The Wolfpack's perimeter success meant that they just about matched Maryland in the eFG% department (State shot 41.8% to UMD's 43.4%). And even though NC State was 1-10 on two-pointers in the second half, it still had an eFG% of 54.2% over that span.

The Pack were also surprisingly effective at offensive rebounding against Maryland's front line. State came into the game averaging an OR% of 24.9% in conference play; against the Terps, State's OR% was 41.4%. That makes two games in a row where the Terps have allowed an OR% over 40%, and while it's forgivable to allow that kind of success to North Carolina, there's no way that NC State should have gotten the better of the Terrapin frontcourt.

NC State's defensive rebounding wasn't much better than Maryland's, but at least the Pack held the Terps below season average.

Also important in this game were free throws. I pointed out in the preview that Maryland gets a higher proportion of its offense from the line than anyone in the ACC, but they didn't get much of anything today. I can't remember the last time NC State had fouls to give with less than 4:00 in a conference game. Maryland had only two FTAs in the second half and finished the game 5-10.

Tony Bethel continued his exceptional shooting, so maybe I should stop worrying about this. He hit 5-9 from behind the arc and was the only NC State player to shoot 50% or better from the field.

The game had about 63 possessions, which means the Wolfpack has now gone two games in a row without posting an OFF EFF above 100. Wouldn't it be nice to break out of this on Wednesday?