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We spent $50+ million and all we got was this lousy recruiting class.

Okay, that title isn't fair, but I'm disappointed to see the football program continue to lose momentum. I guess facilities like the Murphy Center only go so far.

After three straight years of top 25 classes, the 2006 class checks in at #40 in's rankings. According to Scout's evaluations, NC State did not sign any four- or five-star players, unless you count Jonathan Hannah, who is transferring from South Carolina. Hannah was one of the top high school tight ends in the class of 2005. Quarterback Justin Burke is probably the gem of the 2006 class, and already he carries the hopes of a nation.

While I'm on this subject, I want to point out an entertaining article on the role of text messaging in recruiting. A couple of excerpts that I found humorous:

A steady stream of text messages can add up to a hefty wireless bill for recruits such as Spikes and East Wake's Aleric Mullins, who do not have unlimited text-messaging on their phone plans.

Mullins, a defensive lineman who has narrowed his college choices to Auburn, North Carolina and Tennessee, is scheduled to announce his decision today in Charlotte.

"Every coach, they'd be texting me about stupid stuff. They'd text me, 'How ya' doing?' and 'Good morning!' And I'd be like, 'Come on! I only get 50 of these a month, and they'd just waste them.'"


DeAndre Morgan, a defensive back prospect from Suncoast Community High in Riviera Beach, Fla., is set to join his older brother DaJuan Morgan at N.C. State this fall. Morgan said he has enjoyed text-messaging with N.C. State assistant head coach Todd Stroud.

A couple of times, Morgan said, teachers threatened to take away his phone because they thought he was checking messages from a girl.

"Most of my teachers are cool now, after I showed them it was my coach," he said.