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Changes Schmanges

Caulton Tudor says Herb Sendek needs to start tinkering. On the offense:

But unless 2006-07 produces unexpected success, Sendek needs to admit the obvious: His offensive system has run its course. It no longer catches quality opponents by surprise, and when the outside shots aren't falling against those teams, defeat is virtually unavoidable.

It's hasty say the system has "run its course." Tudor is certainly correct when he says we don't catch quality opponents by surprise anymore, but I don't think there's much evidence to suggest that those opponents are getting better at stopping what we do.

In conference play, NC State had the fourth-most efficient offense among the 12 ACC teams:

Rank / Team / Pts per 100 Possessions

1) Duke (112.9)
2) UNC (111.9)
3) BC (110.4)
4) NCSU (110.2)

People act like there's something inherently wrong with being a perimeter-oriented team. Like this style is a basketball faux pas. Sure, it'd be nice to win the rebounding battles more consistently, and we'd all appreciate a little run 'n gun, but what gets overshadowed are the things that make the system enjoyable: low turnover rates, good shot selection, good shooting from the field and at the line (especially the free throw shooting). We've come to take these strengths for granted, and I doubt they are appreciated like they should be.

We know Herb is going to stick with his offense, so I suggest you save yourself some heartache and get busy appreciatin'.