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More On Grundy; Plus, I Found Greg Golden

A few items today:

-- From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's HawksBlog, more on Anthony Grundy:

Grundy’s a guy the Hawks didn’t want to part with in the preseason, but they knew he’d get much more work in the NBDL than he would with them - when everyone was healthy. And Grundy didn’t disappoint in the D-League, averaging 23.2 points and roughly five assists and rebounds. He impressed during his time with the Hawks with his hustle and natural point guard instincts, though he played more a of a combo-guard position at N.C. State. There was even some talk about keeping him on the roster back then. Now that he has a second chance, I’m interested to see how he handles it.

Grundy's back in NC tonight, as the Hawks are in Charlotte playing the Bobcats.

-- Hey, look, it's Greg Golden! The arenafootball2's (No caps, no spaces. They're so hip.) Memphis Xplorers finished training camp recently, and Golden made the team. af2 includes an interesting mix of teams with WNBA-esque nicknames: the Conquest, the Fire, the Shock. I'm partial to the Rio Grande Valley Dorados since they share a nickname with my high school.

-- Non-athletics related: Record number seeking admission at NCSU:

NCSU said Monday that it has received 15,236 applications seeking freshman admission this fall. The record number of applicants represents a 10.7 percent increase over the 13,762 students who applied for admission at NCSU a year ago.

Often times you hear that interest like this is sparked by the success of a school's football or basketball team, but, uh, I'm thinking that probably isn't what happened here.

If NC State enrolls as many freshmen as it expects to, the class will be the largest in school and state history. That's pretty cool.